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Here are some common questions about Zechsta Magnesium.

What is Zechsta Magnesium Oil?

Zechsta™ Magnesium Oil is the source of natural super saturated magnesium chloride and many trace minerals, mined from the ancient Zechtein Sea two kilometres below the earth’s surface. It is the purest form of magnesium known to man.

What is Zechsta Magnesium Flakes?

Zechsta™ Magnesium Flakes is crystallized form of natural magnesium chloride accompanied with many trace minerals. Dissolved in worm bath water Magnesium Flakes are designed to restore cellular magnesium efficiently and gently.

Why do I need magnesium?

Due to depletion of magnesium in the soil and the food manufacturing process, the food we eat is dangerously low in magnesium. It is estimated that  the major part of worlds population is magnesium deficient.

To add to the problem, environment in which we live is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins, increasing demand for magnesium in our bodies.

Recent statistics indicate that annual global deaths from magnesium deficiency are about twenty million. These figures relate only to sudden cardiac deaths. And the people suffering from many diseases caused by magnesium deficiency, run into hundreds of millions.

All deaths and all diseases caused by magnesium deficiency could have been easily remedied by quality magnesium supplementation.

The difference between Zechsta Magnesium and other magnesium products?

Most of magnesium products on the market are made in the lab. They are very poorly absorbed on the cellular level, and in the long run they do more damage than good.

Some magnesium products are harvested from the sea, and as we all know the sea is contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins.

Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride is mined from the ancient Zechtein Sea, two kilometres below the earth’s surface untouched by pollution.

Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride is the purest, safest and the most absorbable form of magnesium and trace minerals known to man.

Zechsta Magnesium Chloride is totally free of:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Fluoride
  • Arsenic

Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride is the only product on the market using Original Zechstein™ source.

Original Zechstein™ is the quality mark, which guarantees the purest natural source of magnesium chloride, established by scientific protocol.

Original Zechstein™ is manufactured according to GMP and under ISO 1401 and ISO 9001 quality control standards.

How do I use Zechsta Magnesium Oil?

Zechsta™ Magnesium Oil is formulated primarily for topical use, although it can be used orally. Applied directly to the skin the greater part of elemental magnesium will be absorbed within 20 minutes. Transdermal absorption of magnesium is very safe, fast and prevents overdosing.

As most of us are magnesium deficient it is essential to restore lost magnesium. Our daily magnesium requirement is between 350-450mg. In order to restore lost magnesium we have to take much more than daily requirement.

To restore cellular magnesium it is very important to use 10-20ml per day for at least 2-3 months. Severely deficient people need even larger amounts and more time. After magnesium is restored only 3ml per day is needed for maintenance. 3ml of magnesium chloride provides 420mg of elemental magnesium.

How do I use Zechsta Magnesium Flakes?

Zechsta™ Magnesium Flakes provide the most therapeutic and relaxing foot and body bath ever experienced. Like Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Flakes are ideal for sore joints, sore muscles and treatment of all skin disorders.

Taking regular Magnesium Flakes baths has been shown to markedly decrease inflammation, improve skin condition, improve wound healing, restore cellular magnesium and increase skin barrier function.

What is the function of magnesium?

Magnesium is essential cofactor in 80% of biochemical activity in the body. This indicates that if you are magnesium deficient, 80% of your biochemistry will be compromised.

Magnesium plays pivotal role in calcium absorption, energy and DNA production, glutathione (the master antioxidant) formation, protein assimilation, nerve conduction, and blood fluidity. Magnesium is associated with the function of at least 300 enzyme systems.

What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency?
  • Disorientation, gallbladder disorders, lack of coordination
  • Nervous irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, muscle twitching
  • Muscle cramps, stiffness in the neck, bladder control problems
  • Numbness and tingling in the extremities
  • Salt or chocolate craving, irregular heartbeat
  • Premature wrinkles, pain in the jaw, insomnia, migraine
  • Erectile dysfunction, depression, tension headaches
  • Restless leg, tenderness in the breasts, loss of energy
  • Blood clots in the arteries, asthma, intestinal parasites
  • Warts, chronic sore throat, hypothyroidism, fluid retention
  • Personality changes, constipation, liver weakness
  • Swollen gums, hair loss, chest pain, PMS
  • Arthritis, osteoporosis, joint inflammation
  • Adrenal gland fatigue, white blood cell disorders
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle and many more.

Often, symptoms of magnesium deficiency go unnoticed or undiagnosed. Most of doctors are not familiar with magnesium deficiency symptoms. Besides, at present magnesium deficiency tests are inaccurate. The standard test measures amount of magnesium in the blood. This is highly inaccurate.

Blood contains only 1% of total body magnesium. The presence of magnesium in the blood is regulated with pinpoint precision. Even people with severe deficiency in magnesium will have normal blood levels of magnesium. The body will always transfer magnesium from the bones and other tissues into the blood, in order to maintain required magnesium level.

In reality there is only one reliable test and it’s free. IF YOU EAT REFINED FOOD YOU ARE MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT – GUARANTIED. If you eat unrefined food you are likely to be magnesium deficient.

Advantage of Zechsta Magnesium when compared to oral magnesium?

Most of oral magnesium products on the market are made in the lab. They are very poorly absorbed and when used in higher quantities they act as a laxative, which causes diarrhea and reduces absorption even further. This makes it almost impossible to restore lost magnesium.

In contrast Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride is highly absorbable. And because it is absorbed transdermally directly into the blood, it bypasses digestive tract, thus laxative effect is avoided.

Why do I feel tingling after Zechsta Magnesium application?

Tingling might happen to some people with sensitive skin and also depending on which part of the body magnesium is applied. This is normal and it happens because Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride is very concentrated. If you are uncomfortable, diluting it 1:1 with good quality water will solve the problem.

The alternative is to use Zechsta™ Magnesium Flakes as a body-bath or foot-bath.

Can Zechsta Magnesium be used as a detoxifier?

Most definitely. In fact magnesium plays pivotal role in body detoxification. Production of Glutathione (the master antioxidant and detoxifier) is directly related to the amount of magnesium in our body. Glutathione is responsible for removal of lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and all other heavy metals from the body.

Deficiency in magnesium seriously impedes production of Glutathione – therefore detoxification.

The best way to protect ourselves against toxicity of heavy metals, exposure to radiation, cigarette smoke, chemotherapy, alcohol and many other compounds, is to kip correct levels of magnesium and other minerals in our cells.
As Dr. Carolyn Dean explains, “Research indicates that ample magnesium will protect brain cells from the damaging effects of aluminum, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel. We also know that low levels of brain magnesium contribute to the deposition of heavy metals in the brain that heralds Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It appears that the metals compete with magnesium for entry into the brain cells. If magnesium is low, metals gain access much more readily. There is also competition in the small intestine for absorption of minerals. If there is enough magnesium, aluminum won’t be absorbed.”

The person with sufficient levels of magnesium has 300-500 times better ability to detoxify than the person with very low magnesium levels.

Regular use of Zechsta™ Magnesium Chloride will go long way to detoxify and kip you healthy.

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